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Domincan Republic Tips

Take at least $50.00 in one dollar U.S. bills.  A dollar tip goes a long way!  Convert dollars into pesos only if you need them.  Staying at an all-inclusive resort, you will need little cash and it may be difficult to convert any unused pesos back to dollars.


Attend the welcome briefing presented by your tour representative.  They will have the best information on how to get around, take tours, and call home, etc., since they live there.  They can also give you tips on making dinner reservations.



Most staff people have a working knowledge of English, but you need to speak clearly.  If you need a spoon, say “spoon please.”  Too often we try to be polite and ask “Excuse me, when you have a chance could you please bring me a spoon?”  They will probably be confused.  Keep it simple.


Take a watch or clock since there are none in most rooms.


Bring along sun tan lotion, insect repellent, anti-itch cream, and any other over-the-counter medications you might want.  They are available but very expensive.  I saw one couple pay $22.00 USD for insect repellent.  English books and magazines are also very expensive.  If you take reading material with you that you don’t want to carry home, give it to the local maids instead of throwing it away.


Plan to drink rum drinks, such as Pina Coladas, daiquiri, Rum and Coke, Chi Chi’s, or other local specialties.  The local beer, Presidente, is also good.  At some resorts, tequila is considered imported liquor, so margaritas may not be available. If asked, “Con ron?” It translates to “With rum”.  Drinks are available with or without liquor.


Remember that most of the shows will be in Spanish. Since there will be tourists from all over the world, English is not always the predominant language.


If you are planning to take excursions away from your resort, consider taking bags of hard candy.  It will quench your thirst, and it is fun to share with local children.


Exchange beach towels late afternoon so you’re set for the next morning.


Do not drink the water. Bottled water is provided.  Tan carefully, the sun is HOT.


You are a guest in the Dominican Republic.  Things will be different.  That is why you went on vacation.  Relax and enjoy!