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Mexico Travel Tips

Our Milwaukee travel agency wants to help you enjoy your Mexico vacation and create wonderful memories. At All Inclusive Vacations, we wish to provide you the travel tips to ensure that you and your loved ones have the best time possible.

Carry your passport and arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure.  TSA has restrictions on liquids in carry on-bags — you are allowed 1 quart zip lock bag with bottles of 3 ounces or less, including hair gel, suntan lotion, etc.  Put larger items in your checked bag.


Take about $50.00 in one dollar US bills.   These will be valuable for shopping or taxis. Tip about $1 .00per bag to the agents transferring your luggage from the airport to hotel.  Most All Inclusive Resorts include tips, so you will need very little cash.  A new law has been passed in Mexico.  Businesses (including tour companies) can only accept a maximum of $100.00 US dollars per transaction. Use your credit card or travelers checks instead of cash for large purchases.


When you arrive in Mexico, you will go through Immigration, with your passport and Mexican Tourist Card. You will receive this card on the flight so have a pen handy. The customs official will give you half of the form back…keep it, you will need it when you leave Mexico.  After Immigration get your luggage.  It may be scanned again. Proceed through Customs, where you will press a button which will determine whether you need to open your suitcase.  Then walk through the airport to meet your tour representative who is waiting OUTSIDE near the transfer buses. IGNORE the reps inside; they are time share representatives.


Keep your luggage with you. Your transfer bus may stop at other resorts en route to your hotel.


Specialty restaurants at your resort may require advance reservations.  Inquire at the front desk at check in.  Many restaurants require men to wear slacks and a shirt with a collar (no T shirts) and closed toe shoes (not sandals) for dinner, but never ties or jackets.


Check in time is 3pm, and check out is noon.  Pack your shorts and swimming suit in a carry-on bag so you can enjoy the pool as soon as you arrive. The bellmen will hold your bags.  Exchange used beach towels for fresh ones late afternoon so you’re set for the next morning.  If your hotel gives you towel cards at check in, be sure to turn them in at checkout, or risk being charged.


Plan to attend the welcome briefing presented by your tour rep which will give you info on tours, general hotel information, shopping tips, taxi rates, etc. These reps will also have a desk at the hotel.  Contact them first with any questions, since the “concierge desk” is often just a time share representative in disguise. Beware!


Before you leave the US call your cell phone provider to see whether your cell phone will work in Mexico and check the rates.  Or you can buy a local phone card at the hotel gift shop. Ask which hotel phone accepts the card. Calls from your room are expensive. Your hotel may have WiFi and/or an internet café.  There is usually an additional cost for this service.


Checkout at least an hour before your transfer is scheduled to avoid last minute complications.  You will receive a checkout slip which you will need to show before you board your transfer.


If you have any questions or problems contact the local tour representative.  If there is a hotel problem, go to the front desk manager.  If all else fails, contact us. We want you to enjoy your vacation.  Do not wait until you return.  However, remember, you are a guest in Mexico.  Things will be different (and slower paced).  You’re on vacation.  Relax and enjoy!